Traditional Skills

Our team members learned the building craft from the Island's legendary contractors like Donald DeSorcy and Harold Dugan, and their work forms a bridge between the Vineyard's oldest building traditions and the techniques and materials we use today.

We do most of our own framing because it has been our experience that a poor job in assembling the basic structure will return to haunt anyone trying to install anything on top of it. But a successful project and a happy client requires that we coordinate a seamless process from design concept to move in.

House and reflection

21st Century Tools

We recommend the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach, endorsed by the AIA. The owner pre-selects all members of the project team-designers, engineers, builder, landscapers, and major subcontractors—and they participate together from the beginning, not only to create the plans but to agree on a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) before work begins. The owner compensates the team during this collaborative pre-construction effort, thus avoiding costly and frustrating process of trying to bid on the basis of unfinished documents.

No Surprises Project Management

Managing a project involves myriad moving parts, decisions and participants, from the owners and design team to the builder, subcontractors and consultants, neighbors and local authorities and regulatory bodies.

Not only do we know how to do it right, we also know how not to do it wrong. Avoiding crisis, error and unpleasant surprises, and telling the truth and finding the best fix when something goes awry, have won our clients' loyalty, repeat business and good will.

Every project we undertake is a team effort and the result is the sum of many and diverse contributions. Our project teams are assembled to address the complexity and specific challenges each project presents. Each team is coordinated by a Project Manager, based in the office, who serves as the point person with the owner and architect. The Site Supervisor manages the field operation and coordinates all subs to maintain a safe and efficient work place and create an exceptional finished product. We see our clients as part of the project team, not just people who send checks from afar. Our experienced administrative team keeps the billing and project paperwork up to date and available for the owner's review. Together we work with all the other team members—architect, subcontractors and owner—to keep everyone informed, resolve issues that arise and produce a seamless, and we hope painless, experience for the owner as well as a superb result.

"Hutker Architects has worked with John Early and his team for almost 25 years, and it's always a pleasure. In this region John has assembled the most skilled group of craftsmen who have worked together for a long time and bring a great level of knowledge and craft to each project we collaborate on. It's like watching ballet to see those guys work on fine detail together. I love working with them." ~ Mark Hutker, Architect