Properties Don't Run Themselves

Our relationship with clients and their properties doesn't necessarily end when we hand over a finished project. Many of the homes we build, renovate or expand have complex systems, valuable furnishings and cherished possessions that require oversight and care all year long and the owners have neither the time nor the inclination to worry about property management. When they are in residence, they want to enjoy their homes and leisure time rather than wait for a plumber, assuming they can get one's attention during the busy season.

Clients wanted help. We knew their homes better than anyone. In response to their needs we formed Pyramid Property Management LLC (PPM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the construction company, in 2007 to offer a comprehensive program of caretaking and property management. Since then, our client list has expanded selectively to include a number of homes, antique and new, which we did not build. We concentrate on a property's structures but will coordinate the efforts of landscapers, pool maintenance and other specialty contractors as required.

The Right Solutions for Each Property

In consultation with each of our owners, we create a customized property management proposal, including budget and work plan that meets the property's needs and the client's requirements. We offer a variety of services, ranging from handling specific projects of all sizes to total oversight. For any repair or maintenance project, we evaluate the best and most cost-effective solution, which may mean we recommend using our own construction company or that we engage and oversee the work of a competitor.

Routine or Emergency, We're There

Pyramid has a dedicated team and the ability to assemble the subcontractors and specialists to handle breakdowns, weather, fire or other emergencies with dispatch. Our property managers are on call and equipped to respond 24/7 to any alarm activated on the property. When weather events threaten at any time of year, we take timely action to secure our properties, report to the owner as soon as practicable and manage any necessary cleanup or restoration. Whatever service a property requires, we communicate regularly with our clients about recommendations and solutions, eliminating as much worry and distraction as possible.

In response to an unmet need, we developed the only service on the Island for safely removing bees. We also manage other pest infestations, repair any damage and discourage their return.

An Experienced Team at Your Service

The PPM team is made up of service-driven people skilled in construction and building systems and dedicated to helping clients navigate confidently the tricky waters of sophisticated home ownership. Our property management specialists have our experienced construction crew at their disposal as well as the ability to call in skilled and responsive subcontractors as needed.

Russ Hartenstine is Senior Manager and chief responder for Pyramid Property Management, LLC. Russ wears two hats at the Company: Project Manager for the General Contracting business and Manager of Pyramid Property Management. For both, he draws on his background in cabinetmaking, theatre and puppetry for the intense attention to detail that makes him as good at interior trim as at making sure a property is managed to an owner's specification. Joining us in 2000, Russ has been a carpenter's helper, carpenter, site supervisor and, finally, the manager of PPM. His favorite projects were the renovation of a compound in West Tisbury that included an historic cottage where he spent his first summer on the Island and a five-building compound on the north shore of West Tisbury where he perfected his carpentry skills. He is most proud of a long boardwalk that he built in Edgartown, which enabled a child with disabilities to walk to the beach alone. Russ is the doting father of a young son and daughter, the possessor of a penetrating laugh and a fondness for the word "wingnuts", a West Tisbury firefighter and a jazz devotee and radio DJ.

Bruce Deakin, who performs inspection and maintenance services.